ColorPro for iPad

ColorPro2 255px

ColorPro 2 for iPad is an an easy-to-use color sampling and conversion tool which allows you to:

Convert between formats
ColorPro 2 allows you to quickly and easily convert between RGB, hex values, float values, and HTML/CSS color names. With up to four workspaces on the screen, you can easily adjust and compare your selected colors side by side. The interface allows the colors to be swapped with a simple swipe of your finger.

Sample from images
Colors can also be easily sampled from the real world or the web with the photo sampler feature. You can load a photo from your library or snap one using the camera from within the app.

Once you have found your desired colors, you can save them for future reference, or send them via email.

Latest release: v2.2

iOS 7 update coming soon!